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Last Update: October 21, 2001.

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This is a site about the video game series The Legend of Zelda. This website is webmastered by Conrad VanderWoude, World's Best Zelda 1 Player.

Welcome to HYLIA.Com.
The Helpful Yet Lackadasical Information Archive
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HYLIA.Com is an up-and-coming major website about The Legend of Zelda, run by "Conrad VanderWoude", World's Best Zelda 1 Player, former webmaster of ZHQ (which was once officially called Zelda Headquarters).

HYLIA.Com is not owned by or affiliated with Nintendo. Certain terms used by the site may be copyrights, patents, and/or trademarks or similar belonging to Nintendo, Nintendo of America, or similar. The term "Hylia" comes from a video game which is Copyright by Nintendo, and is used in good faith without explicit prior permission. More information about Copyrights which may be used on this page will be added to this web site in the near future. More information about Nintendo's Copyrights may be obtained by contacting Nintendo of America at nintendo@nintendo.com.


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What's New
Pre-Launch Site FAQ
Other Sites

Thank you for checking out this site.
At the moment, it's quite incomplete and I don't have much ready for public viewing, which is why you don't see very many pages up. I'll try to give indications on when I anticipate being able to update the page again. Now that the site's been publicly announced somewhere, I will try to make sure updates aren't more than a week apart, even before the main site launch is ready (and after that time, updates should of course be more frequent). Tuesdays are generally a good day for me to be able to get updates done. For more details on the update schedule, see the FAQ.

What's new

October 21, 2001    by Conrad VanderWoude:
September 12, 2001    by Conrad VanderWoude:

What's new

September 11, 2001    by Conrad VanderWoude:
August 26, 2001 (Minor Site News Update)    by Conrad VanderWoude:

July 23, 2001 (Minor Site News Update)    by Conrad VanderWoude:

July 23, 2001 (Minor Site News Update)    by Conrad VanderWoude:
July 15, 2001    by Conrad VanderWoude:
June 4, 2001 (Minor Update)    by Conrad VanderWoude:

Basically, nothing but site-related news today. (Long-winded as ever.)
May 17, 2001 Update #3    by Conrad VanderWoude:
May 17, 2001 Update #2    by Conrad VanderWoude:
May 17, 2001    by Conrad VanderWoude:
May 15, 2001    by Conrad VanderWoude:
May 5, 2001    by Conrad VanderWoude:

April 25, 2000    by Conrad VanderWoude:

Ugh, I've updated this site a few times. That means this page is getting long. I may end up having to create a Site Log to store some of this information.

April 22, 2000    by Conrad VanderWoude:

April 14, 2000    by Conrad VanderWoude:

April 10, 2000    by Conrad VanderWoude:
Well, now that ZHQ's been updated, some people know about this site and we've been getting some visitors. However, a lot of people don't know what this site is, why it's not "launched", and so forth.

Someone wrote to me, "I can't wait to see Hylia[.Com] launch! Can you give me any details about what the site will be about?" Ignoring the date I tossed into the upper-right corner of this page, please read the second sentence of the page, which is identical on this version of the page as it was on the last version posted. I tried to make it very very clear so that if anyone comes to this page for the first time that one of the very first things they'll be able to know is what the page is about.

I've put up a FAQ of what I figure people are asking in their minds, although the Letters List hasn't had much response so far. I only put up about 5 things, both since it's easier to get this update going and because it'll give me something else to update later on this week. I will have more questions and answers up soon.

And, of course, there's the poll, table of contents, and disclaimer above. Basically, the page turned from being 8 paragraphs (which, excluding one paragraph with about 5 sentences, had an average of 1 2/3 sentences each) plus a signature, into this mini site. Hmm... This mini-site is bigger than all the on-site pages you can see when you visit http://www.zhq.com. I didn't expect that to happen so quickly :)

I added a "Favorites Icon" to the site, which will reduce the number of "hidden" 404 errors that visitors were generating (but probably not noticing) when they bookmarked the site. If you made this site a Favorite before, in MS IE 5.5, 6.0 Preview, (or maybe even 5.0), try removing the site from your Favorites List and re-adding us. You'll find a non-generic icon is associated with us.

If you have any questions for me, you may contact me the newly created mailto:letters@hylia.com. And, yes, there are multiple people who will read your comments. Or, if you're shy, you can just E-Mail me at HyliaComJustAnnounced@toogam.dhs.org.

Other Sites

Since HYLIA.Com isn't quite ready to go in prime time, I thought I'd place these links right on the main page for ya'. Kinda gives you an incentive to bother coming here and not just visiting the other sites: Going from here to the other sites is pretty easy. Here are some other notable Zelda sites:

ZHQ This site wouldn't be around today if it weren't for ZHQ. ZHQ was last updated on April 5, 2001. Read Niels's latest message. Whenever we get word of ZHQ updating again, we'll post about it here.
Kakariko Village Square A message board. Once considered ZHQ's official message board, people active on this board have generally considered it to be fairly independant of ZHQ.
Hyrule: The Land of Zelda An absolutely useless site if you don't have Flash. If you do, though, you can see a leading site filled with lots of information, much of which is real and accurate and pertains to the English versions of the games. They also cover rumors and pre-release information including information based on Japanese versions of games before the English ones come out. Worth looking around if you've got some time.
Zlda.Com/DekuTree.Com The successor to the very excellent and oft-updated site TGL (The Golden Land), Zlda.Com has been a decent sized site with editorials and commentary, some of which is actually about Zelda, passing over its main page. The webmaster and staff of the site aren't getting along well with their affiliate network, VGF.Com, who owns the Zlda.Com domain. I have finally located their new location: DekuTree.Com. I don't know what is going to happen to the old DekuTree.Com web site (which I believe did exist, publicly viewable, at one point).
Ganon's Tower This webmaster approached me, and with a cursory glance through his web site I decided it looks like a fairly decent web site. (See FAQ Answer #11 about contacting me asking for links.) When I look through the site more, I may give a more detailed description.
IZC All of the locations I've known IZC to be hosted at, except one, are pages that redirect you so that you eventually end up at Vortex Generation's IZC. Still tickin' after all this time, Ice's Zelda Central has done a decent job of updating frequently. Most of its updates have been of the editorial/small fanfic nature.
Zelda Power A large web site with lots of Zelda material. Since November, its updates have been more than 2 weeks apart and, as of this last writing, the last update was over 3 weeks ago.
It could be that there are some other major Zelda sites that I haven't become aware of. If you think I'm missing some very prominent site, let me know. A larger "Links" section will be created after this site is really up and running good.