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The Legend of Zelda for the GameCube

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Nintendo's E3 Expo Video Footage

Nintendo Power OnlineWindows Movie Video4.79MB1min25sec10/10
This is the best output we've found from the first day of the E3 Conference. Several high quality screenshots.


Zelda Trailer Footage

Don't bother. It's just like Nintendo's E3_Zelda_GCN_Trailer.WMV file except that it's 3 times bigger, has IGN's logos plastered over it, and worst of all, is footage of E3_Zelda_GCN_Trailer.WMV being played on a large TV screen in front of a crowd resulting in less picture quality. The reason the length of time is slightly shorter is that this video doesn't show the ESRB "Rating Pending" screen at the beginning.


Awesome! Fire and Grapple

The player acknowledges a problem: He can't find the sword he needs to break through the wall of broken boards. He then shoots Link's grapping hook high into the air, but it isn't so ridiculously long enough that it can reach a bridge that is even higher into the air. The player then walks up to a wall made up of broken boards and swords it, but the wall fails to break. As Link rolls his eyes, the demonstrator starts to talk less about his game playing and more about how beautiful the details in the game environment are.


Link battles, door opens

Link trades hits in a short battle scene.


Torch of Salvation

Link can use weapons dropped by opponents. Here he uses one to uncover a secret.



Here we find another way the doors can be broken. (And no, Link doesn't use that torch to do it.)


Sailing, kicking tush

Most of what's seen here is in Nintendo's Trailer, however this has no music or speech so you can actually hear the sound effects better such as the quiet sound of Link's boat as it parts the water. What is here but not in Nintendo's Trailer is a large hump in the sea, Link running by a girl holding a pot, and Link walking sideways with his back being kept right up to a wall before he gets to and peers around the edge. (What good such peering does when the player can just clearly see right past the edge is beyond us.)


Fights, Grapple, Swing, Sword, More.

Most of what's seen here is in Nintendo's Trailer, however this has no music or speech so you can actually hear the sound effects better such as the sound of Link's rope grabbing onto a pole. What is here but not in Nintendo's Trailer is Link getting knocked off a bridge (into a lava pit that we do see him leap from), an "up-skirt" view of Link from behind as he crawls through some tunnel, Link swinging from the chain of a candle-lit chandelier, and Link getting caught by some prison-style spotlights which sounds an alarm. (How do they make such spotlights work in a society without electricity is likely explained by how telephones existed in Link's Awakening without telephone wires, or electricity.)


Big, nasty boss

Two scenes are shown here. First, we see Link hold his hands up over his head in obvious surrender as he stands in the middle of a spotlight with sirens wailing. Second, we see him get pounded by a giant centipede-like creature with a single eye whom is the most likely modern day representation of a creature from Zelda 1 called the Lanmola which, like Ocarina of Time's Dodongos, may differ significantly from the first incarnation.


Sailing, grapple hook, battling enemies

Most of what's seen here is in Nintendo's Trailer, however the volume of the Zelda movie is fairly quiet and other sounds from the E3 booth are much more noticable. The only thing in here that's not in Nintendo's Trailer is a little bit of different footage of Link fighting molblins in the room with a pot and an apple on a table.


Fire boss, beautiful lighting, kicking butt

Most of what's seen here is in Nintendo's Trailer, however the volume of the Zelda movie is fairly quiet and other sounds from the E3 booth are much more noticable, such as discussions of Sonic games on Nintendo platforms. The most significant bit of footage in here not seen in Nintendo's Trailer is when Link rolls sidewise during a battle sequence. Other than that, we see a little bit more footage of a Lanmola suggesting that they do have an blue eye which is often blocked from view. With that eye, it is confirmed that these could indeed be Lanmolas and not just Moldorms.

The Legend of Zelda GBA

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Multiplayer mayhem

Shows several scenes of multiplayer gameplay. Specific scenes are very similar in style to the original pictures posted. It takes about two full seconds for four Links to be simultaneously pushing on a block for there to be any effect, which does seem to be a bit long. Let's hope for an adjustment to this. In the picture shown to the right, pink is charging up to dash and is about to push the other three Links.


Classic Gameplay


If it looks like A Link To The Past and it walks like A Link To The Past and it quacks like A Link To The Past...

Nothing 21st century technology here, folks, except that the screen is encased in the border of a Gameboy Advance. The only thing it didn't do fully is to sound like A Link To The Past because there was no music playing. Some gameplay seemed to go a little fast, which may be a good thing at this early stage of development because music might slow things down a bit. All in all it looked very... familiar.

Fans of Rod Jones's "TSZ Player's Guide" may be familiar with this creature.
To the left is a scene from the Super NES. The difference in Link's colors has to do entirely with the armor he's wearing. As you can see, the GameBoy Advance's screen can't fit as much on it. It appears that the original graphics are going to be used, so consider it confirmed, you see less. Because A Link To The Past isn't as restricted by screen sizes as some other games in the series, there may be little need for the game designers to do much to compensate.